Clinic - Mediation

The Mediation Clinic introduces students to the processes and practices of mediation as an alternative to either litigation or continued conflict. Students enrolled in the clinic will development problem solving, negotiation, and conflict management skills, all of which are applicable across a range of disputes. These skills will be utilized in the clinic by providing mediation services to people in conflict. Seminar Credits: 3.00 This seminar is a front loaded course with an Intensive portion of the Seminar meeting the week before the semester begins. The seminar will continue to meet regularly during the semester as part of the clinic. Students involved in the clinic must be available for the front loaded "intensive" portion of the seminar. The seminar is designed to advance the knowledge base and skills acquisition of students interested in mediation. Students will learn the theory and practice the techniques underlying all phases of the facilitative mediation model of mediation, such as: convening and preparing for mediation, opening the mediation session, defining the issues and creating the agenda, facilitating communication, assisting the parties in negotiation, creative problem-solving, and reaching settlement or closure. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing essential mediator skills, such as active listening, formulating questions, reframing, creating rapport, using language effectively, deescalating negative emotions, and non-verbal communication. Clinical Placement Credits: 1.00. Students are trained and supervised in mediating cases at civil court, small claims court, and community dispute resolution centers for the clinical placement.

Enrollment Notes:
The Mediation Clinic is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. This clinic enrolls 6-12 students for a semester. Students earn a total of 4 credits; 3 credits for the seminar and 1 credit for the clinical placement. Pre-requisite: pre-semester intensive training week.
Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Students are graded pass/fail only for the 1 credit clinical placement. Students receive a letter grade for the 3 credit seminar.