Clinic - Clemency and Pardon Project

Students work in teams to represent individuals in connection with clemency and pardon petitions to the Executive. Most cases will be filed with the Governor of New York State, although some made be filed with the US Pardon Office. This work involves preparing an extensive narrative application with supporting evidence to justify this Executive action. There likely will be an opportunity to visit at least once any client who is incarcerated. The work may require witness interviews, fact gathering, and affidavit drafting. Some applications may involve sentence reduction while others may request full pardons, especially when immigration consequences may be implicated. Students will be working with substantive criminal laws, sentencing laws, and clemency and pardon laws.

Enrollment Notes:
Seminar credits: 1.00 Students generally enroll for one semester only. The seminar will be scheduled in the evening and enrollment priority will be given to part-time students. The clinic will involve regular supervision meetings but the majority of the work can be performed independently around the schedules of students who work full-time during the day.