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    02.20.15 Brooklyn Law School Panel Discussion: Disability as a Legal Construct
    BLS logo square

    Friday, February 20
    9:00 to 11:00 am
    Continental breakfast & Registration begin at 8:30 am

    Brooklyn Law School
    Subotnick Center
    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn, NY

    About the Discussion
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will turn 25 on July 26, 2015. The enactment of this historic legislation set out an ambitious rights-based model of disability that promised “to assure equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities.” In no small way, the ADA, its amendments and other foundational disability rights legislation, also sought to change how disability is defined and experienced.

    This program will explore ways in which our conception of disability is evolving and the role law has played in shaping the Disability Rights Movement of today. What impact does law have on the lived reality of persons with disabilities? How does law shape equal access and opportunities? Can law alter attitudes and behaviors toward people with disabilities? Does law function to promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities and in what ways does it fail to do so? Ultimately, the program seeks to explore today’s disability law and policy; and to identify the limits and possibilities of law as an equalizer of opportunities.

    Co-sponsored by the Center for Health, Science and Public Policy and the Advocates for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) Clinic

    Kevin Barry, Professor of Law, Quinnipiac University School of Law
    Sheryl Dicker, Adjunct Professor, Department of Disability Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
    Jennifer Monthie, Director, PADD, PAAT, PATBI Programs, Disability Rights New York

    Karen Porter, Director, Center for Health, Science and Public Policy and Brooklyn Law School and Associate Professor of Clinical Law, Brooklyn Law School

    View the Agenda.

    RSVP online by Wednesday, February 18:

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