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    01.13.14 Peter Pottier ’17 Highlighted in Wired for “Cool, Useful” Invention
    Peter Pottier

    Peter Pottier '17, is featured in Wired for his “cute and cool and useful” invention, MyBell. The customizable bell/light for bikes stood out at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), best known as the province of “multi-gazillion dollar booths” and tech behemoths. Pottier earned a small booth at the conference after winning a chance to compete, an accomplishment not lost on Wired editors: “And so he’s out there, all day, pitching and pitching and pitching. With a grin on his face and seemingly inexhaustible energy. Trying.”

    Pottier was also featured as part of the Entrepreneur Lawyers Showcase (at 70:40 mark), which marked the launch of the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) in November.

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