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    02.08.14 BLS Announces New International Programs and Opportunities
    International Human Rights Fellowship

    Over the last decade, Brooklyn Law School has seen a dramatic expansion of international opportunities. Students can now apply to exciting semester-long exchange programs — in Argentina, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, and Israel — through partnerships with prestigious law schools worldwide. 

    Now, with the Law School’s new international dual degree program (J.D./LL.M.), students can earn both degrees in three years. Built on the strength of existing international programs, the option enables BLS students to live abroad for two semesters during their second or third year, earning both a foreign LL.M. from the partner institution and credit toward their J.D. at BLS. Reciprocally, international students from partner institutions can earn either an LL.M. or a J.D. (if enrolled in the accelerated two-year J.D. program). The goal is to offer more choices for students interested in international law – be it transactional or public law.

    In addition to current partnerships with Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (France), Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Spain), University College Cork (Ireland), and Bucerius Law School (Germany), BLS is in talks with several other institutions worldwide, with news to be announced soon. Each partner institution will offer a full curriculum in international law, with courses such as Institutional Law of the EU, International Dispute Resolution, and International Banking Law.

    “It is an incredible asset to study in regions of the world where the focus necessarily falls on cross-border relations,” said Lawrence Solan, Don Forchelli Professor of Law and Director of Graduate Education. “The international dual degree J.D./LL.M. lends a truly global perspective, building not only personal credentials but also valuable contacts for the students.”

    In tandem with the J.D./LL.M. program is the launch of the Legal Language Institute, which offers a one- to three-week summer Intensive Legal English course for foreign students. Starting this summer, the Institute will prove beneficial for visiting international lawyers and incoming international students – whether enrolled in BLS’s LL.M. program for foreign-trained lawyers or elsewhere – who want or need to improve their legal English.

    As the Institute expands, it will include various intensive courses on legal terminology in other languages, helping American lawyers improve communication skills with foreign clients and peers. The Institute will be affiliated with the Law School’s Center for the Study of Law, Language and Cognition, renowned for its studies on how the cognitive sciences affect law at both theoretical and practical levels.

    “We saw a gap in how students are trained for international law,” said Dean Allard. “A narrow curriculum or niche focus makes no sense in an interconnected world.  The shift is toward a global mindset, which makes the international dual degree program a perfect fit for Brooklyn Law School fit. This is the borough of immigrants, multilingual and multinational – our mindset is inherently global. Our new programs reflect this core identity.”

    Read more about international opportunities.