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    03.03.14 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on New Frontiers for 3D-Printed Fashion in Mashable Article
    Jonathan Askin

    If 3D-printed bracelets and rings are already well within consumers' budgets, how far behind are items like high heels and tank tops? A new Mashable article explores just that, drawing on Professor Jonathan Askin’s legal expertise to illustrate 3D printing’s ramifications for fashion.

    While the advantages for consumers are vast – "We'll no longer have to buy a suit off the rack and hope it fits,” Professor Askin said – the implications for copyright law are much more nebulous: "In a world where the law is suspect, the law doesn't exist.”

    Leading the 3D revolution is Brooklyn-based MakerBot, which already offers many customizable and printable items, including jewelry. Richard McCarthy ’99, who serves as the company's VP/General Counsel, was recently profiled in BLS LawNotes (page 28).  

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