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    06.26.14 Legal Hackers Profiled for Tackling Revenge Porn and Parolee Reentry
    Jonathan Askin

    New York Legal Hackers – largely an offshoot of the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy ("BLIP") Clinic – is the subject of an extensive profile in this week’s Law Technology News.

    Established by Professor Jonathan Askin in 2012, the NYC contingent of Legal Hackers is part of a national movement to better align the legal process with the digital age.

    About a quarter of the group’s members come from BLS, and more than 200 of Professor Askin's students have participated over the past two years – among them Phil Weiss ’12, Jameson Dempsey ’11, and Jared Brenner ’15, all featured in the article.    

    Recently, Legal Hackers devised a system called "Take My Photo Down" that can send an automatic letter to a platform hosting “revenge pornography” and order them to take it down, or be subject to damages, Professor Askin told LTN.

    Other projects include a mobile app that helps parolees re-entering society access information regarding drug tests and support services, while protecting their privacy, he said.

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