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    09.12.14 Professor Lisa Smith Weighs in on Ray Rice Domestic Violence Case
    Lisa Smith

    Professor Lisa Smith, an expert in criminal law and domestic violence law, has been a go to person in the media dialogue surrounding the NFL’s decision to indefinitely suspend former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice after a video emerged of him assaulting his then fiancée.

    This week, Professor Smith spoke on air to WCBS Radio about the lack of criminal charges against Rice in the case. “It is very unusual to have the video of an assault as evidence in a case and obviously would have been very, very powerful at a trial,” she said. “It’s clearly not a trial they were ever going to lose. So the ball was actually in the prosecutor’s court here.”

    In a recent TV appearance on WNBC News, she added that prosecutors likely took Rice’s clean record and his now wife’s support into consideration: “The prosecutor has to… decide based on what she [his wife] says and what they really believe about the case what the proper thing to do is.” Professor Smith was also interviewed on Fox News, where she discussed reasons Rice’s wife and other survivors of domestic violence stay in abusive relationships.

    Professor Smith is a respected leader and voice in the fields of domestic violence and family law. In addition to teaching, she is currently on the ABA Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence and the New York State Violence Against Women DCJS Task Force.

    Listen to Professor Smith’s interview on WCBS Radio, WNBC News, and Fox News.

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