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    09.16.14 Dean Allard Interviewed by Lawdragon on What Makes BLS So Unique

    In a detailed Q&A with Lawdragon, Dean Nick Allard describes how Brooklyn Law School provides one of the most “student-centric,” personally tailored law school experiences in the nation.

    “Student choice is the driver in courses, specialty concentrations, practical experiences, and length of term, ranging from two to four years,” he says. “‘One-size-fits-all’ or bureaucratic wholesale ‘systems’ approaches are anathemas at BLS.”

    Dean Allard said Brooklyn Law School also produces students who are among the most employer-ready in the United States and who garner the highest levels of employer satisfaction through programs such as the corporate faculty’s compliance curriculum, the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE), the Business Boot Camp, and the Public Interest/Public Services Fellowships (PipS).

    “Relative to many other law schools, BLS provides an optimized and innovative program mix that combines rigorous academics, scholarly theory, and highly effective practical legal skills training,” he says. “The BLS program empowers students by giving them both choice and an especially robust foundation.”

    Read the interview.