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    09.26.14 Professor Jodi Balsam comments in NY Times on N.F.L.'s Record in Hiring Women
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, Director of Brooklyn Law School’s Civil Externship Program and a former senior executive with the N.F.L., spoke to The New York Times about how the league and its 32 teams have done a poor job hiring women. The N.F.L.’s operations are very much in the spotlight these days with its perceived poor handling of Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice’s suspension for domestic violence. Professor Balsam, who teaches Sports Law, worked for the N.F.L. for 12 years, and held positions as Counsel for Operations and Litigation and then Of Counsel for Football Operations.

    “Until they hired a raft of consultants and promoted the woman in charge of social responsibility, it was a bunch of guys in a room.” She added, “They didn’t have any expertise on the pathology of domestic violence. It’s not that they had bad intensions or were purposely overlooking things because they were motivated to downplay anything that would hurt the league. But they were shortsighted in not having someone in the room to help them understand the pathology.”

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