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    10.09.14 Professor David Reiss Hosts C-SPAN Panel Discussion on City Planning
    David Reiss

    On September 21, 2014, Brooklyn Law School opened its doors to book lovers as a Cultural and Programming Partner of the 9th annual Brooklyn Book Festival, New York City’s largest free literary event. The event was held throughout the Downtown Brooklyn area and the Law School held several of the panel discussions, including the kickoff panel entitled “Planning and Protesting: Cities Evolve!” Professor David Reiss, Director of the Law School’s Community Development Clinic and a frequent commentator on related policy issues, moderated the discussion on city planning in a borough of nonstop growth and redevelopment, which was taped by C-SPAN 2.

    Joining Professor Reiss were four of the Festival’s featured authors. Peter Linebaugh, historian and author of Stop, Thief!, discussed his study of the modern commons and its resistors. David Campo, an urban planner and professor, authored The Accidental Playground, which profiles the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal in Williamsburg over a ten-year period. Benjamin Shepard and Gregory Smithsimon, both CUNY professors, presented The Beach Beneath the Streets, their sociological examination of the privatization of public spaces.

    The panel discussion was presented nationally via the C-SPAN 2 program Book TV. It may be streamed in its entirety here.