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    10.14.14 Professor Joel Gora Comments on Campaign Finance Reform in New York Times Op-Ed
    Professor Joel Gora

    October 14, 2014... Professor Joel Gora, a sought-after expert on election law, the First Amendment, and campaign finance policy, has spoken out against campaign contribution limits under the Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments (FECA) in a New York Times editorial, contributing to a debate marking the 40th anniversary of FECA’s enactment. Professor Gora, a former ACLU attorney who in 1976 argued in Buckley v. Valeo, the landmark Supreme Court challenge to FECA, contends that while the Supreme Court has made great strides in eliminating FECA’s excessive restrictions, Congressional action based on First Amendment principles could accomplish even more. “In Buckley,” Professor Gora wrote, “We argued that limits on political giving and spending cut to the core of the First Amendment. That is still the case. The sky will not fall if those barriers are eliminated, especially when coupled with smart, targeted disclosure to let the people decide which politicians are too beholden to their large donors.”

    Read the full “Room for Debate” op-ed here.