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    12.02.14 The Conversation Publishes Article by Professor Dana Brakman Reiser On New Social Network Ello
    Dana Brakman Reiser

    The new invitation-only social media platform Ello “is enjoying its moment of fame – in part thanks to its use of the latest fad in corporate legal structures,” writes Vice Dean and Professor of Law Dana Brakman Reiser in her recent article: “Ello’s public benefit status won’t be enough to keep the social network free of ads.”

    In the article, which appeared in The Conversation, an independent online journal of news and views from the academic and research community, Brakman Reiser examines the legal and business challenges of the public benefit corporation, a new type of for-profit company like Ello that includes a social mission in its charter along with making profits. Brakman Reiser argues that this new corporate structure alone won’t keep Ello ad-free – staying true to that mission also depends on the commitment of its founders, managers, and investors to the company’s vision.   

    Brakman Reiser is an expert in corporate and non-profit law. Her recent work focuses on the growing and evolving issue of how the law can be used to help social enterprises like Ello, which often have a dual purpose of pursuing profits for the owners and generating good for society.

    Read the article here.