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    01.28.15 NYC Proposal to Grade Salons and Spas Cites Note in Journal by Sarah Walsh ’13
    Brooklyn Law School Alumna Sarah Walsh

    A note by Sarah Walsh ’13 in the Journal of Law and Policy, “Beyond the Polish: An Examination of Hazardous Conditions in Nail Salons and Potential Solutions for the Industry in New York City,” recently became the basis for legislation introduced in the New York City Council to institute a review system for salons and spas similar to the grading system for New York City restaurants.

    Walsh’s interest in the topic was piqued when she visited a nail salon and noticed a number of health and safety hazards present. She subsequently researched the industry with a focus on the physical conditions of the nail salons and the impact of such conditions on workers and patrons. Based on the success of New York's then-new restaurant grading system, she began to think that the issues she identified in nail salons could be addressed through the use of a similar system.

    “Knowing that I wanted my note to be unique, I started thinking outside of the traditional academic framework to find a topic,” Walsh said. “Thankfully, the Journal of Law and Policy is a broad-based publication, which gave me great flexibility in selecting a topic.” The Journal of Law and Policy is one of four student-edited law journals published by BLS and has been ranked by Washington and Lee as the second-most policy-related journal cited by courts (just after the Harvard Journal of Law and Policy). “The other members of the Journal were helpful during the writing and editing process and provided valuable feedback,” Walsh said. “In turn, I spent more time reading articles from mainstream publications, and kept my eyes open for ‘problems’ for which I could devise a policy solution.”

    Walsh, who is currently an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, said that, ironically, she did not take very many criminal law classes. “I did, however, spend a fair amount of time interning in District Attorneys' Offices. The summer I spent in the Major Economic Crimes Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office was phenomenal -- I wanted to get up and go to work every morning. As an intern, I did legal research and assisted with long-term investigations. Now, as an ADA in the Trial Division, I spend most of my time in the courtroom, meeting with witnesses, and managing my caseload.”

    Walsh credits Professor Miriam Baer’s Criminal Procedure class for providing her with a solid understanding of many issues that now come up daily in her current position. 

    “The assigned readings in Professor Baer’s White Collar and Corporate Crime and Theory Seminar provided a wonderful platform for classroom discussion, and enabled me to think critically about how recent white collar crimes have been prosecuted.”

    When not practicing law, Walsh is an avid runner who participated in the 2013 New York City marathon, and plans to run it again this year.

    Read Walsh’s note.

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