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    02.04.15 Adjunct Professor Glenn Magpantay Awarded Top Civil Rights Honor
    Brooklyn Law School - Magpantay

    Brooklyn Law School Adjunct Professor Glenn Magpantay is the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Haywood Burns Memorial Award, given by the Committee on Civil Rights of the New York State Bar Association. The award is given to honor the late civil rights lawyer and academic Dean W. Haywood Burns. Nominees must contribute to New York State in a manner that reflects his commitment to justice and civil rights. Magpantay received the award during the State Bar Association's Annual Meeting in New York City on January 29.

     "Glenn is a true champion of civil rights," said Diana Sagorika Sen, chair of the NYSBA Committee on Civil Rights and Adjunct Instructor of Clinical Law at BLS. "He has enfranchised thousands throughout our nation, giving a voice to those who were previously voiceless."

    "I am so deeply honored to be given this award in the name of such a great civil rights lawyers, scholar, and teacher," Magpantay said. “My students at BLS supported me, and Mary Bruch ‘14 wrote a letter of recommendation on my behalf. I also received incredible support from the faculty, in particular Bennett Capers and Stacey Caplow who have been instrumental in helping me develop as a teacher and a scholar.”

    Magpantay, who teaches Race & the Law and a clinical seminar in Individual Rights and Representation, has been a longtime champion of voting rights of Asian Americans. As former director of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund's (AALDEF) Democracy Program, he pressed for inclusive access to the vote through bilingual ballots and greater political representation and recognition of one of the nation’s fastest growing minority groups. 

    For 16 years, Magpantay oversaw AALDEF’s Asian American Election Protection efforts in 15 states. He has coordinated the nation's largest multilingual exit polls of Asian Americans. He also has worked with law firms to encourage hundreds of attorneys to help monitor poll sites to guard against anti-Asian voter disenfranchisement. He is currently the director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance.

    Magpantay is a recognized authority on the federal Voting Rights Act and Asian American political participation, including language access, election reform, redistricting, minority voter discrimination, multi-lingual exit polling, and the census.

    He has published numerous scholarly articles, authored a number of reports, and has provided commentary to numerous media outlets.