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    03.17.15 Professor Sam Murumba Named Co-Chair of a Human Rights Watch Advisory Committee
    Professor Samuel Murumba

    Professor Samuel Murumba has been named co-chair of the Advisory Committee of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) Africa Division. He will serve with Ambassador Robin Sanders, the former United States Ambassador to Nigeria and to the Republic of Congo. Professor Murumba, whose expertise is in international human rights and intellectual property, has served on the Advisory Committee since 1994, and he has been a member of the organization’s Board of Directors since 1996.

    In 2009, the Human Rights Watch Board of Directors elected him Emeritus Director. He also serves on the Board’s Policy Committee and the Advisory Committee of the HRW Women’s Rights Division.  

    “I cherish the work of Human Rights Watch so much because I know it from both ends,” Professor Murumba said. “That of the victims: having lived in Uganda during Idi Amin’s unspeakable atrocities, convinced that the world didn’t care. And that of discovering, at Human Rights Watch, so many who do care deeply and proclaim that: ‘Tyranny Has a Witness.’ This dual perspective has persuaded me beyond doubt that despite the depressing stories we see in the news every day, in the word s of Desmond Tutu: ‘Ultimately, it isn’t evil and injustice and oppression which have the last word.’”

    Professor Murumba teaches and writes in the fields of intellectual property and human rights, and he is affiliated with the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law at Brooklyn Law School. He has been active in advancing the mission of several human rights organizations for more than 25 years. Professor Murumba also has served as a member of the New York City Bar’s Committee on Human Rights, and he is an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda.

    Read more about Human Rights Watch Africa Division here.