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    06.22.15 Professor Marilyn Walter Receives Burton Award for Contributions to Legal Writing Education
    Brooklyn Law School Professor Marilyn Walter

    Professor Marilyn Walter has been named the 2015 recipient of the Burton Award for Contribution to Legal Writing Education. The award is presented to “the finest law school teacher who has promoted and advanced legal writing.” She received the award at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., on June 15.

    The Burton Awards honor major achievements in the law, ranging from literary works to major reform in the law. The award recipients are selected by professors from Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School and Columbia Law School, among others.

    “It is an honor to receive the 2015 Burton Award and to join the illustrious company of past winners,” Professor Walter said.

    “The entire Brooklyn Law School community congratulates Professor Marilyn Walter with great pride and affection,” said Nick Allard, president and dean of the Law School. “In her career, including 35 years at Brooklyn Law School, she created a template for contemporary writing programs and has been a true leader in the legal research and writing field. The quality of her work is reflected in the half dozen Brooklyn Law School students who have received the Burton Award for distinguished legal writing since 2003. Professor Walter deserves this prestigious recognition of her pioneering work.”

    Professor Walter has been a national leader in the legal writing arena for nearly four decades, beginning in 1977 when she taught legal writing at NYU. In 1980, she became the director of Brooklyn Law School’s Legal Writing Program. Her book, Writing and Analysis in the Law, coauthored with Northwestern University School of Law Professor Helene Shapo and Brooklyn Law School Professor Elizabeth Fajans, has been an essential text on effective legal writing for several generations of law students. She also co-authored Sourcebook on Legal Writing Programs, which has been used in law schools across the country to reshape and strengthen legal research and writing programs.

    Professor Walter has served as Chair of the Association of American Law Schools’ Section on Legal Writing and as a board member of the Legal Writing Institute, and has been a speaker on numerous panels at legal writing conferences. She was recipient of the 2005 AALS Writing Award in recognition of her “pioneering leadership, extraordinary vision, and outstanding service.”