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    04.16.15 Professor Minor Myers Co-Authors New York Times Article on Shareholder Litigation
    Minor Myers

    Professor Minor Myers co-authored the “Another View” column in the Dealbook section of The New York Times on April 16.

    In “Shareholder Litigation That Works” Professor Myers and co-author Charles Korsmo, assistant professor at Case Western Reserve School of Law, examine a brewing legal battle in Delaware that likely will have widespread ramifications. It concerns stockholder appraisal rights, which allow shareholders to go to court to contest the price paid in a corporate buyout.

    According to Myers’ research, appraisal litigation plays a strongly beneficial role in mergers and acquisitions, and there has been a substantial increase in the exercise of appraisal rights in recent years. The writers break down both opponents and supporters’ views of appraisal litigation and what the eventual outcomes might mean for both sides.

    Read the full article.