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    04.24.15 Brooklyn Law School Professor Joseph Crea '47 Turns 100
    Joseph Crea

    Professor Joseph Crea, who turns 100 years old on April 26, has been teaching at Brooklyn Law School for over six decades, including a course in Commercial Paper and Banking as recently as 2014.

    The Law School will honor Professor Crea and seven others on June 11 at the Salute to Brooklyn Law School Icons Gala, which will be held on Ellis Island.

    Among his many professional achievements are authoring A Guide to Legal Research, serving on a Mayor’s Committee for the Selection of Marshals, and serving as judge advocate for a veterans’ group. In recognition of his numerous contributions to the Brooklyn Law School community, in 1998 the Joseph Crea Dean chair was established. He has also been honored with a Distinguished Achievement Award by his alma mater, Brooklyn College.

    Brooklyn Law School President and Dean Nick Allard said: "Professor Joe Crea is one of a kind. He is a fabulous teacher, cherished colleague and world class human being. His intellect, zest for life, courage and selflessness make him a giant of a man. Legions of Brooklyn Law School graduates live by the vivid Crea-isms he teaches such as ‘the barrel rolls’ and ‘don't drop your briefcase and run.’ Most of all Joe's life embodies the American dream and the very best of our national character. He inspires us by his example to work hard, persevere, and give back. This son of Italian immigrants and large family whose backbreaking manual labor helped build and run our city has become a noble icon of the legal profession. From day one Joe took this new dean under his wing offering invaluable counsel and support and most important prevented many mistakes. It is an enormous honor that the Brooklyn Deanship is named for Joseph Crea."

    Professor Crea is a lifelong Brooklyn resident who also served in the U.S. Army during World War II.