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    05.06.15 BLS’s 34th Annual Endowed Scholars Celebration
    Brooklyn Law School - Endowed Scholars Celebration

    BLS has always been a school of opportunity. It is committed to supporting students with the ability, and the desire, to make a difference in their professions and communities, regardless of their financial means. Endowed scholarships provide crucial support for these students, while also serving as a powerful example of the ongoing commitment of the donors who make them possible — some of whom are BLS alumni who themselves received financial assistance as students. The Endowed Scholars Celebration is an annual event at which we honor both the donors who have created scholarships and the students who have received them. It is an opportunity for them to meet, share experiences with each other, and forge lasting bonds.

    This year marks Brooklyn Law School’s 34th Annual Endowed Scholars Celebration. Held on March 17th in Forchelli Conference Center, speakers included Dean Nick Allard, Neil Brody ’74 (founder of the Neil and Nanci Brody Scholarship Fund), Warren Lazarow ’86 (founder of the Barbi and Warren T. Lazarow Scholarship), and students McClean Crichton ’15 (recipient of the Robert A. Kahn Family Law Scholarship) and Lena Smith ’15 (recipient of the Martha Prince Scholarship).

    “The Endowed Scholars program provides alumni with an opportunity to give back to the Law School in an important, meaningful way while, simultaneously, supporting the next generation of law students,” says Jay R. Fialkoff ’76, who attended the Endowed Scholars Celebration and met Gabriel Guimaraes ’16, this year’s recipient of the Omer Foundation Scholarship. Mr. Fialkoff, along with the Omer Foundation, established the Omer Foundation Scholarship, which is awarded to a student of good academic standing, who is blind or visually impaired, or is living with a physical disability.

    “I am particularly grateful that Mr. Fialkoff has chosen to set aside a scholarship for students with disabilities,” explains Gabriel Guimaraes ’16. “Having become disabled later in life, I was surprised to discover the obstacles I have faced are never the predictable ones. I think people need advocates who understand those obstacles, and therefore I feel this scholarship is tremendously important. Not just for me, but for other disabled students who may need the vote of confidence. Therefore, I am truly honored to be receiving it this year.”

    Eric M. Kornblau and Stacy J. Kanter, both graduates of the Class of 1984, established the Kanter Kornblau Scholarship on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in honor of their sister and brother, Leslie G. Kanter ‘87 and David L. Kornblau ‘80, and in loving memory of Janis L. Ettinger ‘83.  Leslie, David, and Janis each served as mentors to Stacy or Eric and, accordingly, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has also demonstrated a commitment to mentoring others.

    “Brooklyn Law School is very dear to us for many reasons, not just because we met there,” says Mr. Kornblau, who attended the Endowed Scholars Celebration and met Jared Brenner ’15, this year’s recipient of the Kanter Kornblau Scholarship. “We both loved law school and are grateful for the knowledge and legal skills we acquired as law students.  The future and vitality of BLS is a priority for us and the school’s ability to accept the best and the brightest applicants, regardless of financial need, truly strengthens the quality and reputation of the school and the legal profession.”

    We also benefitted from the mentorship of friends, family members, and faculty members during our BLS years.  As a result, we have always endeavored to mentor law students and young lawyers, and wanted the scholarship we created to honor those who also recognize the importance of giving back by mentoring others.”

    Jared Brenner ’15, describes how receiving the Kanter Kornblau Scholarship has impacted him: “…this scholarship has changed my life. Without the financial flexibility to pursue my passions with confidence, I would have taken an entirely different route through my legal education… (I would have stuck to) …a rigid and pre-defined path to the most lucrative job possible without regard for my own happiness and engagement with my work. In that sense, you have given me the gift of freedom, and I cannot thank you enough.”