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    05.13.15 Professor Karen P. Simmons Receives State Bar’s Kay Crawford Murray Award
    Adjunct Professor Karen Simmons

    Adjunct Professor Karen P. Simmons, executive director of the Children's Law Center (CLCNY) in Brooklyn, was named the 2015 recipient of the Kay Crawford Murray Award by the Committee on Women in the Law of the New York State Bar Association.

    The award, which Simmons received on May 5 during the Association's eleventh annual Edith I. Spivack Symposium, recognizes an attorney who enhances diversity in the profession and advances the professional development of women attorneys.

    "We are delighted and privileged to have the opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Simmons' many contributions to diversity in the legal profession," said Ferve E. Ozturk, co-chair of the Committee on Women in the Law. "Ms. Simmons exemplifies the spirit of service and inclusion we aspire to promote at the Committee on Women in the Law."

    Simmons seeks to give children a strong and effective voice in court. A crucial element of her work with the CLCNY is mentoring students, interns and volunteers, whom she considers to be the next generation of advocates. CLCNY is a nonprofit law firm founded on the belief that children deserve skilled zealous advocates in the court system. Simmons' work is at the forefront of many initiatives to develop better measurements and standards for representing children in court.

    Simmons is a graduate of the City University School of Law, has a master's degree in public administration from City University (John Jay College) and a bachelor's degree from Duke University.

    Kay Crawford Murray, for whom the award is named, is former general counsel for the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice. As chair of the Committee on Women in the Law, she directed a report that proposed a model sexual harassment policy for law firms.

    Read the full press release.