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    06.01.15 Professor Jodi Balsam in The New York Times on NFL and Domestic Violence
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, a former lawyer for the NFL, was quoted in the recent New York Times article, “Bears Stumble in N.F.L.’s Quagmire on Domestic Violence,” which illustrates the meandering path the NFL seems to take when addressing courses of action for accused players.

    Balsam stated that while teams could not conspire to keep players off their rosters, each was being forced to learn how to do what was best for the team on the field and what was best for the team’s image off the field.

    “Every sports team has the ultimate bottom line, getting wins,” Balsam said. “But fewer and fewer teams can operate that way. It’s all going to catch up to where they are going to make sure no one is going to embarrass them.”

    Read the full article.