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    07.15.15 Faculty and Alumni Authors Offer Legal Tips for Elder Planning
    Brooklyn Law School - Adjunct Professor Judith D. Grimaldi '93 and Joanne Seminara '85

    Adjunct Professor Judith D. Grimaldi '93 and Joanne Seminara '85, who specialize in elder law and estate planning at Grimaldi & Yeung, recently celebrated the release of their new book, 5@55: The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55 (Quill Driver Books, June 2015), at the Borough Hall Rotunda. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and New York City Councilman Vincent Gentile attended the book launch.

    The step-by-step guide helps people in their pre-retirement years deal with the legal issues that inevitably arise as they age. “Decision-making is serious and stressful,” Grimaldi told the Brooklyn Eagle. “It’s much more stressful if preparations haven’t been made. Taking the time to do it now reduces the stress later on.”

    Each chapter focuses on a critical legal document, including a healthcare proxy, a power of attorney, a living will, a last will or trust, and a digital diary – a document that authorizes a designated representative to gain access to your online accounts, such as bank accounts and social networking sites. The authors offer advice on what to consider whens working with an attorney to draw up each document.

    “Our book aims to establish 55 as the optimum age to complete one’s estate planning and address the potential national crisis of our aged population failing to plan for their later years,” Grimaldi said.

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