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    08.19.15 Brooklyn Law School Faculty Scholarship, Brooklyn Law Review Among Tops in Field
    Faculty Scholarship

    Brooklyn Law School’s faculty has been named to the prestigious Leiter Top 40, ranking 33rd on the Leiter scale in scholarly impact as measured by citations. Among the Law School’s most-cited tenured faculty members were Professors William AraizaMiriam BaerAnita BernsteinDana Brakman ReiserI. Bennett CapersMarsha GarrisonEdward JangerRoberta KarmelElizabeth SchneiderLawrence SolanNelson Tebbe, and Aaron Twerski.

    “This prestigious ranking is more evidence of the powerful collective impact of the scholarly work being done by our world-class faculty,” said Dean Nick Allard. “The depth and breadth of our faculty scholarship is simply astounding and firmly places us among the finest law schools in the nation.”     

    Each law school faculty’s “scholarly impact core” is calculated from the mean and the median of total law journal citations over the last five years to the work of tenured members of that law faculty. The system was developed by Brian Leiter, professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

    According to Leiter: “Citations to faculty scholarship is, of course, only one metric of scholarly distinction. Some schools that experts would reasonably assess as top 20… underperform by this measure. Still, the metric is a useful check on uninformed opinions, and tracks rather well the actual scholarly output of different schools.”

    Brooklyn Law Review Cited

    Brooklyn Law Review was cited as among the most popular law reviews chosen by authors using the ranking platform ExpressO. As first noted in TaxProfBlog, Brooklyn Law Review was ranked 12th nationally in the 2015-16 ExpressO Law Review Rankings. The rankings are intended to complement other mechanisms used to rank law schools. The Law School publishes three other student-edited law journals in addition to the Law Review: Brooklyn Journal of International Law, The Journal of Law and Policy, and The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law.


    Visit BrooklynWorks, an extensive open-access repository of scholarship by our faculty, special collections of Law School materials, and Brooklyn Law School journals.