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    09.01.15 Brooklyn Law School Hosts Summer Law Institute
    Summer Law Institute

    Over the summer, Brooklyn Law School hosted 28 ninth graders from across the borough for a five-week academic program centered on the law in Legal Outreach’s Summer Law Institute (SLI).

    The Institute provides students the opportunity to learn about criminal justice and the criminal trial process. Students were instructed by two law students, including Lauren Johnson ’17, who served as coordinators, along with one undergraduate intern from Columbia University.

    "I enjoyed working with these young rising ninth-graders and watching them tackle legal issues on a daily basis in the classroom,” Johnson said. “The students’ study of substantive and procedural criminal law transcended from the classroom into students finding ways to implement their studies into their everyday lives. It was amazing to watch the academic growth and increased confidence of each of my students."

    Guest speakers from the Law School included Dean Nick Allard and Professors Steven Dean and Linda Feldman.

    “This summer, the students learned about the soda tax and engaged in a thoughtful and lively debate about its costs and benefits,” Professor Dean said. “They learned that the same skills that make a great litigator could open doors to other legal careers.”

    The students also met and heard from guest speakers from the legal world throughout July, and they attended field trips to various law-related offices, including the New York County District Attorney’s Office, New York Life Insurance, and The Children’s Law Center. The Institute culminated in a Mock Trial before a real judge – the Hon. Pamela Chen, federal judge for the Eastern District of New York – during which the students had the chance to display the knowledge gained over the course of the summer.  

    Students in the Institute are encouraged to strive for excellence, and they leave the program with a comprehensive knowledge of criminal law, stronger public speaking skills, an improved command of writing, and a greater sense of self-confidence.