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    09.29.15 Professor K. Sabeel Rahman Named a 2016 New America Fellow
    Brooklyn Law School Professor K. Sabeel Rahman

    Professor K. Sabeel Rahman has been awarded a one-year fellowship with the New America Foundation. Rahman was one of 22 individuals selected for this honor for 2016. During his fellowship year, which began earlier this month, Rahman will develop a book about democracy in the “New Gilded Age” of economic and political inequality. Based on his own academic research and practice experience, the book will examine the role of democracy in addressing structural forms of economic inequality, including private power and the “new monopolies,” such as banks deemed “too big to fail” and corporate power in the information economy; urban inequality and economic development; and the changing nature of work and insecurity in the “gig” economy.

    The New America Fellows Program supports talented journalists, academics, and other public policy analysts who offer a fresh perspective on the major challenges facing our society. New America Fellows are selected on a highly competitive basis, and they are invited to join a nonpartisan intellectual community where they can pursue their individual research projects. 

    At the Law School, Professor Rahman teaches administrative law and constitutional law. His academic research focuses on the law, institutional structure, and democratic participation in the financial and economic regulatory processes. In addition, Rahman works with a wide range of leading community organizations and academics to develop new approaches to improving civic engagement in U.S. politics. In March, he was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio to the New York City Rent Guidelines Board. He has previously served as a special advisor in NYC City Hall on economic development issues, and has worked and consulted for a variety of organizations on issues of democracy reform.

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