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    10.30.15 Professor Jodi Balsam Featured in Media on Daily Fantasy Sports Scandal
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, a sports law expert and former in-house counsel at the National Football League, has been a leading voice on the current controversy of daily fantasy sports and the reports of alleged “insider trading” among employees at the biggest names in the field, DraftKings and FanDuel. Over the last two weeks, Balsam has lent her expertise to the Los Angeles Times, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and radio talk show Phil Hulett and Friends.

    "Right now most legal observers have viewed fantasy sports as falling on the side of being a game of skill and thus legal and largely unregulated,” Balsam told the Los Angeles Times. "But this latest scrutiny is leading people to reevaluate if it's truly a game of skill.”

    In the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Balsam noted: “By erasing the distinction between gambling and fantasy — with many major sports entities profiting, these companies undermine the principles and values of athletic competition in the same way sports wagering does. Consider the list of investors in fantasy sports sites, including most of the pro leagues (NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and individual NFL owners Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones) and the biggest sports networks (ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports). More ominous is that the NFL Players Association just struck a deal with DraftKings to earn fees from the company’s use of player images in its ads.”

    On Phil Hulett and Friends, she further discussed the risks involved of undermining the integrity of the games when professional sports players can bet on themselves and their peers. 

    Professor Balsam worked for the NFL for 12 years prior to teaching, and held positions as Counsel for Operations and Litigation and later, as Counsel for Football Operations. She teaches Professional Responsibility and Sports Law at the Law School.

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