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    11.06.15 Dean Nick Allard Weighs in on Unified Bar Exam with New Jersey Law Journal

    With New Jersey being among the recent states to consider adopting the Unified Bar Exam, the New Jersey Law Journal sought commentary from Dean Nick Allard, who in January 2015 testified on the proposal to adopt the UBE for New York. The UBE is a uniformly administered, graded, and scored exam offering a portable score that can be transferred to other UBE states. New York has since adopted the UBE, effective July 2016.

    Allard said there are clear advantages to the UBE, but he also raised what he characterized as larger fundamental issues.

    "Though there are certain advantages that can be had with the UBE, that switch should be based on taking back control from" what Allard called a "monopoly testing industry" that offers no transparency.

    Allard also pointed to additional questions: whether the exam should be strictly pass-fail, or whether it should be eliminated altogether in favor of more practical tests like mock negotiations supervised by practicing lawyers—one method utilized overseas.

    Read the article. [Subscription required.]