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    11.25.15 Dean Nick Allard Responds to New York Times Editorial on Law Schools as Guest Columnist in Brooklyn Daily Eagle

    Dean Nick Allard, serving as guest columnist for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s Pro Bono Barrister (a weekly column by Chuck Otey ’67), shared a letter he sent to law school deans nationwide, seeking to reframe the perception of today’s legal profession.

    The letter came in response to an Oct. 25 New York Times article, “The Law School Debt Crisis,” that weighed in on the ongoing student loan debate, casting law schools, students and the profession in an unfavorable light.

    “The time has come for the legal community – and law schools in particular – to press the reset button on the reputation of our profession,” Allard wrote. “As Deans, we should not stand silent as those with biases and outdated or inaccurate information recycle myths and tired, predictable versions of their ‘wisdom’ about our profession, law schools and the quality of newly minted lawyers. Over and over again.”

    According to Otey, Pro Bono Barrister is a weekly column “dedicated to telling about the good that lawyers do.”

    Read the column.