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    12.10.15 Moot Court Teams Score Major Victories
    Moot Court Victory
    Samantha Oakes ‘16 and Austin Minogue ‘16

    The Brooklyn Law School Moot Court Honor Society achieved significant victories in competitions this fall, further advancing its reputation as one of the most distinguished and successful moot court programs in the nation.

    Recent major wins include the Judge Paul Joseph Kelly Jr. Invitational Trial Competition at Fordham Law School. Austin Minogue ’16 and Samantha Oakes ’16 were named Champions, while Oakes won Best Advocate in the Final Round. Their coaches were Ashley Barnes ’16 and Sarah Briglia ’14.

    At the American Bar Association Labor & Employment Law Trial Advocacy Competition Regional Round in New York City, Kelly Ferrell ’17, Nathaniel Myers ’17, Stephanie Nicholas ’16, and Steven Pellechi ’17 were named Finalists. Their coaches were Sarah Esmi ’16 and Adam Yefet ’16. Semi-Finalists included Yefet, Vanessa Domenichelli ’16, Minogue, and Oakes.

    Steven Ballew ’16 and Myra Din ’16 were named Finalists at the New York City Bar Association National Moot Court Competition Regional Round in New York City. Allie Zimmerman ’16 served as their coach.

    At the State Bar of Michigan National Trial Advocacy Competition in Lansing, MI, Brian Brown ’16, Dwana Dixon ’17, Neeti Sachdev ’17, Philip Schultze ’16 were named Semi-Finalists. Their coaches were Desiree Alexander ’16 and Minogue.

    Visit the Moot Court Honor Society recent winnings to see the complete list of award-winning teams.