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    12.16.15 “Spare the Rhetoric and Save the Refugees,” Argues Professor Maryellen Fullerton in Orlando Sentinel Op-ed
    Maryellen Fullerton

    In an op-ed that appears in the Dec. 16 edition of the Orlando Sentinel, Professor Maryellen Fullerton points to examples of major refugee crises – the Mariel refugee crisis of 1980, the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, the fall of Saigon – to argue that the United States needs to act quickly to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

    “It's possible that there's one bad apple in a group of people,” Fullerton writes. “But that is true of every group: U.S. citizens, tourists, business people, artists, students and athletes. That's not a justification for quarantining the United States. Of the 780,000 refugees resettled in the United States since 9-11, not one has committed a terrorist attack in the United States.”

    Professor Fullerton is an expert on asylum and refugee law. Her research focuses on comparative refugee law and the empirical and normative aspects of the worldwide effect of the Common European Asylum System. Fullerton’s research at the University of Trento compares the laws of Italy, the European Union, and the United States as they have evolved in response to the phenomenon of forced migration and examines the ways in which governments have reacted to refugees and asylum seekers.

    Read the op-ed here.