Study for a semester in an international setting

Earn academic credit abroad while expanding your horizons.

Studying internationally will provide you with the opportunity to learn the law of another country surrounded by international law students and lawyers. You will take away important cross-cultural skills necessary to practice in an ever increasing global environment and create a network you can utilize for life. Brooklyn Law School students have a number of exciting opportunities to study law internationally. Our agreements with the schools below allow students to spend a semester studying international and comparative law subjects.


Each program is limited to 2 students who have completed all first year requirements. You must be registered for at least the equivalent of 10 credits abroad (and no more than 16). Graduating students in their final semester cannot attend the semester exchange, except for Lyon. Your courses must be pre-approved before the end of the add/drop period at the foreign university. You must earn the equivalent of a C or higher to get credit, but grades do not transfer and do not affect your GPA. Information on each program can be found on BLSConnect->Intellectual Life->International Opportunities. Tuition is paid as usual to Brooklyn Law School.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Brooklyn Law School is pleased to offer an exchange program with University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam is one of the largest faculties in the Netherlands and is located in historical Amsterdam. It offers students a wide variety of courses and has a strong international orientation, with both a global and European focus.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our exchange program with the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT) School of Law, a private non-profit institution founded in 1991 with a School of Law open since 1996, allows students to study law in Spanish from a Civil Law system perspective. The School of Law's chief objective is to provide a first-rate legal education in the hope of promoting the establishment of a reliable, just, and efficient legal system in Argentina. Located in the bustling port capital city of Buenos Aires, UTDT offers students a unique opportunity to study law the Argentine way. Students must be fluent in Spanish to participate. The program highlights courses in tax law, law and economics, business law, law and finance, and law and public policy.

List of sample courses:
Accounting and Financial Analysis
Bankruptcy Law
Economic Analysis of Law
History of Roman Law
Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law
Introduction to Islamic Law
Private International Law
Seminar on the Economy and Philosophy of Law
Topics in International Law

Cork, Ireland

Our exchange program at the University College Cork in Ireland offers an exciting chance for students to enjoy Cork’s natural beauty while taking advantage of UCC’s historically dynamic research and teaching environment. The Cork Program is designed primarily for law students with a general interest in European Union law and a particular interest in family and criminal law.

List of sample courses:
International Trade Law and Policy
Challenges in Medical Law and Policy
Advanced Criminal Process (Clinical Program)
Law of the European Union
Irish Constitutional Law
Juvenile Justice
Information Law and Policy

Hamburg, Germany

Brooklyn Law School offers students the opportunity to study at the distinguished Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany. The Bucerius Law School Program in International and Comparative Business Law is designed for law students who wish to broaden their understanding of the forces that shape international business law. The program offers a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of German, European and international law. Students take courses taught in English, and students proficient in German have the option to audit other law courses at Bucerius. Program courses cover all main fields of German law, taught from an international or comparative perspective. Students also have the opportunity to study the German language prior to the beginning of the semester.

List of sample courses:
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Comparative Intellectual Property
Comparative Law
Corporate Governance
Corporate Law
Cross-border Activities and Transactions
EU Consumer (Protection) Law
German Law Survey Course*
International Conflict of Laws

* Please note: The German Law Survey Course is a mandatory course for all international exchange students.

Hong Kong, China

The Faculty of Law at HKU, located on the northwest side of the island of Hong Kong, was the first law school in Hong Kong and is now the premier law school in the region. Due to China's rapid social and economic development and Hong Kong's location in the Pacific Rim, the program courses focus mostly on Chinese commercial law, human-rights law and international corporate and financial law. Except for some courses offered in the LL.M. program (e.g., Chinese Law), the course instruction is in English. The Hong Kong Program is designed primarily for law students with an interest in international business law and law taught from a Far East perspective.

List of sample courses:
Intro to Private International Law
Issues in Intellectual Property Law
Principles of Family Law
International Organizations
Public International Law
Human Rights in China
Law and Religion
International Environmental Law
China Trade Law

Lyon, France

Brooklyn Law School is pleased to offer an exchange program with Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in Lyon, France. Lyon is in east-central France in the Rhône-Alpes region, situated between Paris and Marseille. Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is a public university and the faculty of law has been educating future lawyers for 130 years. It is the largest center for law students in Lyon and is renowned for history of law and family law. It also has a strong business law program.

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