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Brooklyn Law School long has been a leader in the areas of corporate governance, securities regulation, commercial law, and bankruptcy. The Center for the Study of Business Law and Regulation unites the Law School’s comprehensive business and commercial law programs to provide a forum for scholarship that offers new perspectives on, and solutions to, real-world business law and regulatory issues.

The Center offers a range of highly regarded programs that bring together leading scholars who are adept in theoretical inquiry and policy analysis with practitioners, regulators, and judges to explore how best to improve the functioning of a market-based economy. The Center’s programs focus on how the law regulates financial markets and business transactions and how best to make such regulations effective.

Directors & Faculty

The Center’s affiliated faculty, led by Professors James Fanto and Edward Janger, co-directors, and Professors Miriam Baer and Andrew Gold, associate directors, comprises an outstanding group of scholars with expertise and a special interest in the study of corporate, securities, financial, and commercial law.

Zaretsky Fellowship

The Zaretsky Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Fellowship honors the late Professor Barry L. Zaretsky who was a beloved mentor, distinguished scholar of bankruptcy and commercial law, and a dedicated teacher at Brooklyn Law School. The Zaretsky Fellowship offers a select path of study for a Law School student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in either bankruptcy or commercial law, and is interested in pursuing a career in either of those fields.

Zaretsky Roundtable Series

The Barry L. Zaretsky Roundtable Series honors the late Professor Barry L. Zaretsky, a beloved mentor, distinguished scholar of bankruptcy and commercial law, and a dedicated classroom teacher. His work inside and outside the classroom bridged the worlds of theory and practice in these fields. The roundtable program joins a distinguished panel of practitioners, judges and academics to discuss cutting-edge bankruptcy and commercial law topics. Students also join the conversation, spurring further exploration of difficult questions in this area.

Business Law Journal

The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law is as a student-run business law journal, specializing in corporate, financial and commercial law subjects, including securities and bankruptcy law. It is published twice a year and invites submission of unsolicited articles, comments, essay, and reviews by authors who are not enrolled in law school. Additionally, the Journal hosts an annual symposium devoted to a business-related topic, at which current and significant questions of legal policy can be addressed by both academics and practitioners.

Compliance Program

The Center sponsors programs designed to introduce students to the legal and compliance functions in publicly traded companies and financial firms, such as broker-dealers and investment advisers. The Center also brings legal and compliance officers to the Law School to discuss their work experience and the critical issues they face.

The Center’s faculty offer courses on the regulation of financial institutions, the role of compliance in that regulation, and the practice of compliance. Students have the opportunity to work as externs with securities regulators, FINRA, and financial institutions, and to be mentored by lawyers working in the compliance field.

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