Lawyers write. It’s what we do.

Read. Think. Listen. Analyze. Write. Share.

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best programs in the nation, our prestigious Legal Writing Program provides students with the essential writing, research, and advocacy skills that they will need to succeed in today’s legal world. The legal writing classroom at Brooklyn Law School offers an environment in which first-year law students can experiment with and craft their professional identities as lawyers and advocates from Day One, while learning how to read, analyze, write about, and discuss the law in their authentic voices.

Further, the Legal Writing Program encourages students to pursue additional coursework in legal writing during each subsequent year of their educational journey at Brooklyn Law School, particularly courses tied to areas of practice that interest each student. The legal writing classroom at Brooklyn Law School is a collaborative space in which every law student can experiment with and develop his/her authentic lawyer voice, and learn to enjoy reading, thinking, writing, and sharing ideas and thoughts about the law.

First Year

The first-year, two-semester, legal writing course is taught in small sections of approximately 20 students, allowing students to forge strong mentor-mentee relationships with their professors, all of whom bring substantial real-world legal experience to the classroom and highly value the art and science of legal writing.

Upper Level

After students complete the year-long 1L legal writing course, all J.D. students are required to successfully complete a significant research and writing project to satisfy the Upper-Class Writing Requirement (UCWR). We also recommend Upper-Class coursework to further develop your legal writing skills.


The professors in the Legal Writing Program bring substantial and vibrant real-world legal experience to the classroom, and they highly value—and take great care in—teaching the art and science of legal writing. Students are their first priority, which shows in the faculty’s dedication to helping every law student find his or her authentic lawyer voice through writing and speaking about the law.

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Faculty Workshop: Susan Bandes, DePaul University College of Law, and Visiting Professor
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Global Bankruptcy Scholars' Work-in-Progress Workshop
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