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Real-world experience in the classroom

Our legal writing faculty collectively share strong academic records and a vast range of legal practice experience from BigLaw to public interest and pro bono work. Members of the faculty have held prominent federal and state judicial clerkships. Two legal writing professors are Fulbright scholars, and one is a former national security analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency and a former liaison to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City.

Many faculty members have taught internationally or served as Brooklyn Law School ambassadors overseas, in locations such as China, Italy, and India (and collectively have language skills in Arabic, French, Italian, and Hindi). The legal writing faculty enjoys writing in non-legal genres as well, to master storytelling and narrative techniques. The Director of the Program has published six books.


Professor Heidi K. Brown
Professor Brown is the Director of the Legal Writing Program. She was a litigator for many years, resolving disputes between key players in the construction industry nationwide, such as developers, owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and subcontractors. Professor Brown won the 2014 Global Legal Skills Award for “excellence in the advancement of global legal skills education around the world,” and has authored The Mindful Legal Writer: Mastering Predictive and Persuasive Writing (2016), and Fundamentals of Federal Litigation, a federal civil procedure treatise. Her more recent books, The Introverted Lawyer (2017) and Untangling Fear in Lawyering (2019), focus on helping introverted, quiet, shy, or socially anxious law students amplify their voices authentically.

Professor Elizabeth Fajans
Professor Fajans is our Writing Specialist. She won a lifetime achievement award from the Association of American Law Schools for her contribution to the field. With the former director of the program, the late Professor Marilyn Walter, Professor Fajans co-authored Writing and Analysis in the Law, now in its 6th edition, one of the most widely used first-year legal writing textbooks.

Affiliated Faculty

Ames Aysha Photo Aysha Ames
Assistant Professor of Legal Writing
Brown Heidi K Photo Heidi K. Brown
Director of Legal Writing and Professor of Law
DuBois Catharine Photo Catharine Du Bois
Assistant Professor of Legal Writing
Fajans Elizabeth Photo Elizabeth Fajans
Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Gilchrist Heidi Photo Heidi Gilchrist
Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Meg Holzer
Visiting Assistant Professor of Legal Writing
Kanwar Joy Photo Joy Kanwar
Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Silver Cecilia A Photo Cecilia A. Silver
Assistant Professor of Legal Writing
Clayton Steele
Visiting Assistant Professor of Legal Writing
Teitcher Carrie Photo Carrie Teitcher
Assistant Professor of Legal Writing & LL.M. Legal Writing Coordinator
Termini Maria Photo Maria Termini
Associate Professor of Legal Writing