Civil Externship Seminar - Arts and Entertainment

Prerequisites: 1L course of study This course is the companion seminar for students enrolled in the Civil Practice Externship fieldwork course with a placement in a law office that represent the interests of individuals and entities engaged in the arts, entertainment, and media-including in film, television, theater, music, book publishing, fine arts, and sports. Students will learn about the various agreements used in the entertainment industry through lectures, small group exercises, and a negotiation simulation project, all designed to develop substantive knowledge and essential lawyering skills that will assist students in their fieldwork. Class time will also be spent discussing the work students do at their placements, the skills they are building, and their impressions of the entertainment industry and the attorneys and other colleagues with whom students interact.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. Students will be assessed based on reflective writing assignments, in-class exercises and presentations, the negotiation project, professionalism, and class participation.