Clinic - New York Civil Court Consumer Law Externship

In the current economic downturn, unparalleled numbers of New Yorkers are finding themselves summoned to court by debt collectors. While it is estimated that only 1% of consumer debtor defendants are represented by counsel, all plaintiff creditors are represented by counsel. Nearly all of these defendants have nowhere to turn for legal advice or representation because of the dearth of free legal services available in these matters. This externship provides students with the opportunity to give advice and counsel to clients dealing with consumer credit issues, represent clients in NYC Civil Court, negotiate with opposing counsel, and argue before a judge. Students gain invaluable, hands-on experience in lawyering while simultaneously helping some of New York's most disadvantaged civil litigants obtain due process of law. Seminar Credits: 1.00 Seminar: The clinic includes a 1 credit bi-weekly seminar. The seminar will cover topics such as client interviews, negotiation strategies, responding to and preparing motions, federal and state regulations, NY Civil Practice Rules, new legislation and current issues in consumer credit transactions.

Enrollment Notes:
The clinic is offered on a semester basis. Student must devote a minimum of 12 hours per week to the placement.
Letter grade only.