Clinic - Prosecutor Usao Edny Seminar

Under the supervision of Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs), students represent the government in connection with the investigation and prosecution of defendants charged with misdemeanors and petty offenses in federal court. The students will have primary responsibility for all aspects of the cases, including conducting investigative interviews of law enforcement and civilian witnesses, making charging decisions, negotiating with defense counsel, plea bargaining, briefing and litigating pre-trial motions, conducting suppression and other evidentiary hearings before a United States Magistrate Judge, and representing the government at trial before such judges. The clinic includes a weekly 2-credit seminar where students receive formal instruction and training by the supervising AUSAs on federal criminal law and procedure, including substantive criminal law, discovery, Brady material, investigative techniques, evidence, ethics, and trial skills and strategy. Students will learn how to handle direct and cross-examination, opening and closing arguments, and order of proof.

Enrollment Notes:
This clinic requires a two-semester commitment. Fieldwork is graded pass/fail only. The seminar is letter grade only. Requisites: Criminal Procedure I and Evidence