Construction Law

Construction contracts are among the more complex types of legal arrangements, involving multiple actors (governments/regulatory agencies, developers/owners, contractors, subcontractors, equipment suppliers, sureties, insurers and financing parties) and multiple areas of the law (contracts; procurement; torts; insurance; environmental concerns; dispute resolution). This course examines the peculiar legal problems encountered on construction projects. It covers contract, tort and statutory law as adapted specifically to the construction industry. It analyzes the perspectives of an owner, developer, architect/engineer, contractor, subcontractor and bonding company, both in the context of private and public construction projects, commercial and residential. The principal areas of inquiry are contract structure, theories of liability, payment and security mechanisms, claims related to time, disruption and extra work, and claims arising from construction defects.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade with pass/fail option. Take-home exam.