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    07.31.15 Professor Simonson Discusses Police Body Cameras on Brian Lehrer Show
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Jocelyn Simonson

    Professor Jocelyn Simonson appeared on The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC July 31 to discuss issues raised by the use of police body cameras, as well as videos made by bystanders, in cases such as the recent shooting in Cincinnati of Samuel DuBose. Simonson told Lehrer that the ubiquitous presence of cameras is helping to bring to light the ways in which interactions with police for African-Americans in particular have ended in violence.

    Simonson teaches courses in criminal law and evidence. Her scholarship explores ways in which the public participates in criminal justice processes and how that participation has the potential to lead to broader changes in the justice system. Her articles have appeared or are forthcoming in the Harvard Law Review, California Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, and NYU Review of Law & Social Change.

    Listen to the interview here.