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    08.11.15 Professor Nelson Tebbe Quoted by Associated Press on First Amendment Issues Arising in Unlikely Venues
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    Professor Nelson Tebbe, a nationally recognized expert on both Constitutional Law as well as Religion and Law, was quoted in a recent Associated Press story about the rising number of conflicts involving bakeries and the messages customers are requesting to be written on their cakes.

    Cake: The new favorite mode for American political debate?” explores recent cases ranging from the bakers who refused to make a cake for a lesbian wedding, to another bakery that refused to write anti-gay remarks in icing on a cake.

    In light of laws banning discrimination against certain protected classes, some bakers argue that being forced to make a cake for something that goes against their religious beliefs is a form of compelled speech by the government, which barred by the First Amendment.

    However, as Professor Tebbe notes, courts have ruled that a business open to the public has to be open to everyone.

    "The answer so far that courts have given is, no, it's not coercion ... because you do have a choice" about whether to be in business to the public, Professor Tebbe said.

    The story was picked up in numerous outlets, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Huffington Post and ABC News, among others.

    Read the article.